I pre-ordered a candle! When will it be shipped?

Well first... thank you! 🎉

Depending on which batch your order is in, you can expect it to arrive:
Batch #1: April
Batch #2: May/June
Batch #3: July/August

Check out our tracker for more information & updates :)

If you're unsure about your order, reach out to us at! We'd be happy to help.

What qualifies for free shipping?

Any order in the Continental US (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) above $100 automatically qualifies for free shipping 🥳

Please note - If you apply a discount, this may reduce your order total below $100, causing you to be disqualified from free shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

As of 2022, we offer shipping to the US & Canada.

If you're in another country and would like our products shipped to you, please email and let us know :)

Is your packaging sustainable?

Absolutely! We use 100% recyclable and SFI certified packaging.


What are the ingredients in your candles?

We use all-natural soy wax and all of our scents are 100% phthalate-fee, non-toxic, and cruelty free.

If you have specific allergies or sensitivities, feel free to message us about our scents or check out our unscented candle.

Which scents are pet-friendly?

Our Petals Abloom & Unscented wax refills are 100% pet-friendly 🐶

Some pets are sensitive to essential oils, spices, and citrus scents. All our refills are totally safe to light around pets, but if you want to play it safe we recommend Petals Abloom and/or the Unscented option!

We are excited to launch even more pet-friendly scents this year!

Reusable Candle Usage

Should I trim the wick on the first burn?

To help ensure when you first light your candle that it acheives a full melt pool, we do not recommend trimming the wick the first time. After the first burn melts all the way to the edges, you can (and should) trim the wick every time after that! :)

What do I do with the leftover wax?

The wax is compostable (100% plant-based soy wax, organic cotton wick, non-toxic fragrance).

How long does each wax refill last?

We estimate the average burn time for each refill to be around 35 hours, if used properly. 

Can I swap refills before the candle is done?

We would not recommend trying to pop out the leftover wax before it melts all the way down to the bottom. We added in a line on the inside so you know when it's time to pop out the wax and refill!

How can I clean the jar?

Our jar should make it easy! If there is any soot or dust, you can rinse it out in the sink. You could even throw it in the dishwasher, we just would recommend the jar is completely rid of wax before doing so.

More Questions? Get in touch!