Refillable Candle Care Kit with Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer

The Ultimate Guide to Candle Care

This Candle Care Guide is going to help you make the absolute most of your Arbor Made reusable candle by learning how to light it, care for it, and refill it over and over again.

Can one candle last a lifetime? In 2020, Lindsay & I set out create the world’s first refillable & reusable candle with the sole purpose of answering this question. Our mission was to reduce waste from single-use candles, and make it as easy as possible to reuse just one, high-quality candle. Millions of views and thousands of customers later, we have been amazed by the love and support our idea has received!

We wanted to create this guide to help all of our amazing supporters make the most of out of their Arbor Made refillable candle so it can last a lifetime!


 1. Let Candle Melt To Edges 

Did you know that candle wax has a memory? Yep, that means that any time you light a candle, you’re training it on how you want it to continue melting. If you light it at an angle, it will melt at an angle. If you only let it melt for a few minutes, you’re training the wax to not melt all the way to the edges - which causes tunneling.

🕳️ What is tunneling? This is when the candle melts downward, leaving a thick ring of wax on the sides of the jar. After a while, it looks like a tunnel right through the candle!

Tip → One of the easiest ways to protect your candle from tunneling is giving it enough time to melt to the edges every time (achieving a full melt pool), especially on the first burn. Here is a video from Lindsay demonstrating this!


 2. Don't Burn More Than 4+ Hours 

Refillable Candle Set

We all love the aesthetic, comforting experience of lighting a candle. Candles are so beautiful, and often blend into the decor of your home. So sometimes we forget that it has been lit so long… and the next thing you know it has been all day!

Power burning your candle for more than 4-5 hours can actually be harmful to your candle if you do it too often.

Why? Because candles can overheat - which causes the flame to get bigger, the wax to melt faster, and your candle to not last as long. If burned properly, each Arbor Made candle refill should last for 30-35 hours.

It is also important to note that though Arbor Made reusable jars are not made of glass (which can actually crack/shatter if overheated), the ceramic on the outside can get quite hot to the touch if power burned.

Tip → Try not to let your candle burn for more than 4-5 hours at a time so that it does not overheat. Here is a video from Lindsay sharing a bit more!


 3. Trim The Wick 

Another important thing to do to care for your candle and make sure it burns properly is to trim your wick regularly. Most people have never owned or used a wick trimmer, but we really recommend one to make sure you’re taking care of your reusable candle!

Ideally, the wick would be trimmed to around 1/4 inch every time you go to light it. But also make sure to not trim it too short, or else it will struggle to burn. If you don’t regularly trim the wick, then the flame can get too high due to mushrooming of the wick over time.

🍄 What is mushrooming? This is when the wick burns faster than the candle wax melts, creating a buildup of carbon particles on the wick that looks like a mushroom!

Two other reasons why you should trim your wick is that if the wick is too long, it could 1) lean to the side and cause the candle to melt unevenly, and 2) the tip of the wick could fall off into the wax and cause discoloration.

Tip → Trim your wick if it is mushrooming or is longer than 1/4” to prevent mushrooming and a promote an even burn. Here is a video from Lindsay showing how to trim your wick!


 4. Place On Even Surfaces 

We hope this one is a bit of a given… placing your candle on uneven surfaces is not only bad for the wax & even melting of your candle, but it can also be dangerous. You wouldn’t want the candle to tip over or burn at an angle. Surfaces to avoid: couch, pillows, decorative rocks, etc.

Tip → Always make sure your candle is placed on a flat, even surface when burning. Lindsay does a great job here showing a few places to avoid putting your candles!


 5. Avoid Drafts & Windows 

When a candle flame is met with a windy draft, that can cause the flame to dance around and make the flame unstable, which could be dangerous. On top of that, a dancing flame will have a difficult time burning evenly and is much more likely to create soot on the sides of the jar.

Tip → Do your best to keep your candle away from air vents, fans, or open windows. Here is a video from Lindsay showing you one place that we always avoid putting candles in our apartment.


 6. Don't Leave Candle Unattended 

We hope that is is another given one, but leaving a candle unattended can be very dangerous. You wouldn’t want any kids, pets, etc. to bump into it, and you definitely wouldn’t want to forget about a lit candle altogether.

Tip → Always keep an eye on your candle, light in the same place, or set a timer so that you don’t forget to blow it out prior to heading out for the day. Check out Lindsay forgetting about her candle & keys in this video!


 7. Put Out Candle With Snuffer 

Candle Snuffer and Trimmer

This tip isn’t an absolute must have, but if you’re attempting to elevate your candle game then we would recommend using a candle snuffer. A snuffer is a simple and easy way to extinguish a flame to help prevent any wax or debris from being blown around the room or falling off into your candle. Many people sometimes use the candle lids themselves to snuff the candle, and though our lids are made from naturally heat resistant cork, we don’t recommend using it to put out the candle. A candle snuffer is your safest, and fanciest, option!

Tip → Give a candle snuffer like this a try. Lindsay does a great job demonstrating how to use a snuffer in this video here!


 8. Wait To Pop Out Leftover Wax 

Definitely the coolest feature of an Arbor Made refillable candle jar is how easy it is to push up on the flexible bottom and pop out the leftover wax. This patented design makes it super easy to clean and empty your jar, so it is ready to be reused over and over again!

⌛ When should you pop out the wax? We recommend at around 1/4” - and made it even easier for you all by including a “pop line” on the interior of the jar!

By simply pushing up on the bottom of the jar you can break the waxes seal with the sides and then remove the leftover wax (which can be composted, remelted in a wax warmer, or put in a cloth bag to be used as a drawer freshener). Then pop in another refill and you’re good to go!

Tip → Make sure the wax is fully cooled before attempting to pop out the existing refill, at around 1/4 inch of wax left. Here is a popular video from Lindsay showing how it works!


 9. Put A Lid On It 

When you’ve finished lighting your candle, make sure to always put the lid back on. We recommend doing this for a variety of reasons: to prevent dust & debris, hold in the scent, and keep the fragrance strong.

Another cool thing to point out about Arbor Made lids is that they are made from all-natural cork - which is one of the most sustainable materials in the world!

Tip → Don’t forget to put the cork lid back onto your reusable Arbor Made candle to keep it protected!


 10. Store Refills Properly 

Lastly, make sure to store your candle properly - especially the refills! Instead of having to buy a whole new candle every time, with your Arbor Made candle you can now simply grab a refill and slide it right in. So it is important to always have refills on hand, and make sure they are stored away safely.

Tip → We recommend putting your refills away in a cupboard or drawer, away from direct sunlight and in a safe spot where they won’t be damaged.


The Internet's Favorite Candle

A refillable & reusable candle is truly a product that is designed to be better for both you and the environment. And if you follow these tips, you can literally own it for a lifetime. If you haven’t made the switch to a refillable candle yet, give an Arbor Made candle a try!

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