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I love the reusable nature. I would love instructions on making my own candle that is easy to remove as I am not a fan of the candle smells.

Too sweet and perfumey

I love the concept of reusing the containers, but the aromas are disappointing. They smell very sweet and perfumey and not as described.

Simple & modern. Fits any space!

Smells wonderful- definitely my favorite scent I’ve bought.

Midnight Orchard

Smells divine

Love the quality

So impressed!

I am loving my arbor made candles! They are so stylish, easy to use, and smell great! Easy to use, and I love that they are nontoxic and refillable. What a game changer! I will not be buying any other brand from now on ♥️

Spiced Timber

Love how clean and even the candles burn.

I wish the price was a little bit lower

Glacial Pine

Very lovely wintery pine smell, burns clean, I love the packaging is recyclable yet pretty.

Vanilla Colada

So easy and I feel much better about buying these candles vs glass jar ones:)

Beautiful design fit for any location. Love the reusable factor.

Midnight Orchard

Our daughter loved the while candle set!

Love that this is reusable environmentally friendly

Cherry Rosé [Secret Scent]

I wish the scents were stronger.

All natural cleaning, with a clean and vibrant lemony smell


Smart, simple easy to use

Wonderful fresh smelling candle, long lasting with no mess!

Heavenly smelling candle, long lasting with zero mess!

Yummy smelling candle, long lasting with no mess!

Wonderful candle, fantastic smelling and no mess!

Perfect candle, long lasting with glorious fragrances and no mess!

I've started purchasing Arbor Made candles for just about a year now, and I love Arbor Made and all of the scent options that are provided. Unlike other companies that make candles, Arbor Made makes certain scented candles that are released throughout the year, such as scents for Christmas, for the fall season, etc.

With that being said, there are a couple of things that can be improved. Like some have mentioned, the refills can be bigger so that it lasts a little longer. The reusable jar is really nice and well designed; however, after several rounds of reusable refills, it gets harder to clean inside of the jar.

My go to favorite scent!

Refillable Candles

Our refillable candles are designed to replace all the single-use candles that have been piling up in your cupboard for years. The first of it's kind, our Refillable Jar has a patented flexible base that makes it easy for you to simply push up on the bottom and pop out leftover wax! Our custom refills are 100% soy wax candles that are hand poured right here in Michigan and smell amazing.

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