Our Candles

How are your candles different?

Great question! Here’s how our candles are unlike anything else on the market:

Reusable candle vessel

Most candles, like glass or concrete ones, are are not designed to be reused (and can even shatter after repeated use). Candles are also really difficult to clean and upcycle. But not ours! Our patented refillable candle has a unique flexible silicone base that makes it super easy to pop out leftover wax and reuse the jar. In fact, we were the first to use silicone in a candle vessel back in 2020! Our innovative refillable candle vessel is heat-resistant and designed to be reused over and over again ♻️

Clean ingredients

Unlike many traditional candles on the market, our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and nontoxic fragrances. You can breathe clean with our candles in your home! ✨

Sustainable business practices

Not only is our candle refillable, we also use eco-friendly ingredients, 100% compostable packaging, and carbon-offset shipping of every order!

We hope you consider switching to our refillable candles and supporting our small business ❀️

How do your refillable candles work?

Here's a link to watch how our refillable candles work: How It Works

Do you offer samples?

We do! If you want to smell every scent before you build a bundle, we recommend our Sample Pack.

Where can I read reviews?

You can read the reviews from thousands of our happy customers here: Arbor Made Customer Reviews


What are the ingredients in your candles?

We use all-natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and all of our scents are 100% phthalate-fee, non-toxic, and cruelty free.

If you have specific allergies or sensitivities, feel free to message/email us about our scents (we'd be happy to share the full breakdown), or check out our unscented candle!

Which scents are pet-friendly?

All of our scents are technically safe for pets, however some animals are sensitive to certain essential oils, spices, and citrus scents. If you have pets with these sensitivities, we recommend the following scents:
Vanilla Colada
Midnight Orchard

We are excited to launch even more pet-friendly scents! Make sure to join our VIP text list to stay updated on any scent launches.

For pets such as birds, we recommend exercising caution and not lighting candles in the same room as your pets.

Do you use clean & non-toxic scents?

We use 100% natural soy wax, organic cotton wicks, and non-toxic, clean scents.

All of our fragrances are 100% phthalate-free and do not include any reproductive toxins, carcinogens, mutagens, organ toxins, or acute toxins.

We use a combination of natural essential oils and clean candle fragrance oils in our candles. Send us an email (hello@arbormade.co) if you have specific questions!

Unfortunately many candle companies out there, big and small, still use toxic fragrances and wax in their candles. This is one of the reasons we decided to start making our own candles! Everyone should be able to enjoy the wonderful experience of a candle without harming their health.


Is your packaging eco-friendly?

All our shipping materials are entirely paper based (FSC Certified), making them 100% compostable and recyclable. Even our tape is compostable!

Do you ship sustainably?

Yes! We ship carbon neutral and 100% plastic free.

When are orders shipped?

Standard processing time is 2-3 business days.

Holiday Period:
During the holidays (Nov & Dec), our processing time is about 1-2 weeks due to increased demand.

Summer Months:
During the summer months (Jun, July, Aug), we only ship out orders at the beginning of the week.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at hello@arbormade.co!

What qualifies for free shipping?

The order minimum to automatically qualify for free shipping is $200.

Please note - If you apply a discount, this may reduce your order total below $200, causing you to be disqualified from free shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We offer shipping to the US & Canada.

If you're in another country and would like our products shipped to you, join our VIP text list or email hello@arbormade.co and please let us know!

Candle Care

How long do I burn the candle?

We recommend burning the candles for around 4 hours each time. Not lighting the candle long enough can cause tunneling, and burning the candle over 4-5 hours can become a safety issue. Learn more in our full Candle Care Guide 😊

Should I trim the wick on the first burn?

To help ensure when you first light your candle that it acheives a full melt pool, we do not recommend trimming the wick the first time. After the first burn melts all the way to the edges, you can (and should) trim the wick every time after that! :)

How long does each candle last?

Our candle refills are 7.1 oz on average. The average burn time for each candle is around 30-35 hours!

What do I do with the leftover wax?

We recommend either composting the wax (as it is made of 100% plant-based soy wax and natural cotton wicks), melt the extra wax in a wax warmer, or put it in a cloth bag and use as a drawer freshener!

Can I swap refills before the candle is done?

We would not recommend trying to pop out the leftover wax before it melts near the bottom - just to make sure too much force isn't put on the jar to do so. We added in a line on the inside so you know when it's time to pop out the wax and refill! This is about 1/2" thick of wax left at the bottom.

How can I clean the candle jar?

Our reusable jar design should make it easy! Any leftover wax can be easily popped out and shouldn't stick to the sides. If there is any soot or dust, you can use our natural jar cleaner or try to rinse it out in the sink. You could even throw the candle jar in the dishwasher, we just would recommend the jar is completely rid of any wax before doing so.

What do I do if there is any tunneling?

Our #1 tip is using the tin foil hack to get all the wax to melt down.

Here are some tips to avoid tunneling in the future:

  • Trim the wick regularly to avoid mushrooming and burning unevenly
  • If the wick is off-center, try moving it towards the center of the candle when melted
  • Place the candle on a smooth, level surface
  • Avoid lighting the candle near a window or draft that can cause the candle to melt unevenly

More questions? Get in touch!