Here's our story...

2020 was a crazy year, for everyone.

During the pandemic, we both had to work from home. Now that we were spending all day inside, we started lighting candles a lot to make the space feel more comfortable and cozy. We lit candles every day and all over the house - one at each of our desks while we worked, one in the kitchen while we cleaned, one in the living room to relax, etc.

After a few weeks, we started noticing used candles piling up all over the place... we called this our #CandleGraveyard.

We weren't sure what to do with all these used candles. We obviously didn't want to throw them all away - it felt so wasteful! So we must be able to recycle them, right? Well, upon looking into it, we learned that not all candles can be recycled (read more on wishcycling). Lastly, though we tried our best, cleaning these jars was really difficult, and there are only so many creative ways to reuse old candle jars!

We searched and searched for a more sustainable and convenient alternative, but couldn't find what we were looking for...

So, we made our own!

We wanted a candle that smelled amazing, fit our aesthetic, and most importantly - was reusable! Since we were creating a product that never existed before, we went through dozens of prototypes. After months and months of testing, we were so excited to have a product that was exactly what we wanted it to be:

Reuseable, refillable, & sustainable!

Our journey so far...

We launched for pre-order back in November of 2021. The support we received was incredible, and within a couple weeks we sold out of our entire first batch!

We've now had a few viral TikToks and are so excited for what more is to come. It really is a dream for us to be building Arbor Made from the ground up, and we thank you all for following along on our journey!