Wholesale Agreement

Hi there! 

We are so excited to partner with your shop! We came up with the idea to invent a reusable and refillable candle years ago, and it has been incredible to see this dream finally become a reality. We wanted to make sure we could offer our refillable candles in stores – not just for the environmental benefits of shipping in bulk, but also because we really value supporting local businesses. We look forward to working with you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

- Lindsay & Nate, Co-Founders of Arbor Made

Here are the brief terms and conditions we have for wholesale orders: 

Minimum order quantities

For first time wholesale customers of Arbor Made, the minimum order value is $350, which must include at least 10 Reusable Jars and 10 Wax Refills. For repeat customers of Arbor Made, the minimum order value is $400. Item quantities are offered in counts of 2 (ie, even numbers).

Wholesale pricing

Wholesale Accounts will receive 40% off the MSRP, plus the cost of shipping. Prices are listed in USD. 




Reusable Jar



Wax Refills

  • Spiced Timber
  • Mellow Breeze
  • Petals Abloom
  • Unscented




Products or goods purchased from Arbor Made shall only be sold at the suggested retail price (MSRP). In the event the Wholesale Account chooses to place the products or goods for sale at a discount, the Wholesale Account shall not discount the products more than 10% below MSRP. Permission for special sale events beyond the 10% discount by the Wholesale Account must be requested in writing to Arbor Made and will typically be granted on a semiannual basis.

Placing an order
  • Email hello@arbormade.co with the items (including scents) and quantities of your order.
  • Arbor Made will send an invoice that includes the cost of the goods, the wholesale pricing discount, and shipping costs.
  • Upon payment of the invoice, your order will be officially placed with Arbor Made and your items will be shipped within 2-3 weeks!


Arbor Made accepts credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express). To further discuss payment options, please email hello@arbormade.co.


Shipping is not included in the cost of goods and is subject to vary based on order weight and shipping destination.

Delivery window 

Please allow at least 2-3 weeks from the time of your order for completion of items. Larger orders may require more time. Please contact hello@arbormade.co for more information. Supply chain issues may affect delivery windows, and Arbor Made will notify the Wholesale Account in advance if there are any potential delays. 


Return notices must be made in writing directly to Arbor Made within 7 days of delivery date and include the invoice number and reasons for returns. Please email hello@arbormade.co with details. Returned items must be unused. Return shipping will be charged. No returns are acceptable without Arbor Made prior approval and delivery instructions for transport. 

Damaged items

Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Please contact Arbor Made at hello@arbormade.co within 7 days of receipt of damaged or defective shipments. Damaged merchandise will be replaced with new merchandise. Replacement shipping will not be charged. Returned damaged merchandise will not be accepted if it is held for more than 7 days after receipt.


Wholesale Account may not advertise Arbor Made items online via paid media (such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, etc), though these items are allowed to show and be sold on the Wholesale Account’s website and organic channels (social media, newsletters, etc). 

Wholesale Account may continue to sell other single-use candles in their store, but cannot sell refills/reusable jars in competition to Arbor Made. Any violation of this exclusivity agreement will cause termination of wholesale partnership moving forward. Please contact hello@arbormade.co for more information.


Please provide to Arbor Made information about your state issued resale certificate, for tax purposes.


Payment of a wholesale order is considered agreement to these terms.