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Top Essentials Bundle

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The Top Essentials Bundle includes a reusable candle jar, jar cleaner, matches, and our four best selling candle scents:

🌊 Mellow Breeze: sea salt, lemon, orange, jasmine, violet, and cedarwood

🏝 Palmera Oasis: freesia, orange, sea salt, light musk, amber, and tonka bean

⛅ Vanilla Colada: vanilla, coconut, sugar, buttercream, and sandalwood

🌲 Spiced Timber: teakwood, amber, sandalwood, tobacco leaf, cloves, ginger, and peppercorn

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More about our candles:

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The first of its kind, our patented Refillable Candle Jar makes it easy for you to push up on the flexible base to *pop* out the leftover wax! Instead of throwing away your used jars, or spending hours trying to upcycle them, just slide one of our custom Candle Refills right in -- and light it like normal!

What's Included?

1 Reusable Candle Jar
4 Candle Refills
1 Jar Cleaner
1 Candle Matchbox

Candle Ingredients

🕯️ 100% natural soy wax
🌱 Organic cotton wick
❣️ Non-toxic & phthalate-free
🍃 Vegan
🐶 Pet friendly
🐰 Cruelty-free

7.1 oz candle
Burn time up to 35 hours


📦 Carbon-neutral shipping
📦 Plastic-free packaging

Plus, we donate 1% of all profits to environmental charities. Learn more.

How It Works:

STEP 1: Light the candle like normal.
STEP 2: When ready, pop out leftover wax.
STEP 3: Insert a new refill, and repeat!

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews

I've started purchasing Arbor Made candles for just about a year now, and I love Arbor Made and all of the scent options that are provided. Unlike other companies that make candles, Arbor Made makes certain scented candles that are released throughout the year, such as scents for Christmas, for the fall season, etc.

With that being said, there are a couple of things that can be improved. Like some have mentioned, the refills can be bigger so that it lasts a little longer. The reusable jar is really nice and well designed; however, after several rounds of reusable refills, it gets harder to clean inside of the jar.


I will continue to buy Arbor Made candles as long as they are available!


Still my favorite candles.

Dawn S.
Exactly what we needed!

My husband loves candles but is concerned with sustainability and waste, so this was exactly what I was looking for to give him as a gift. He loves it, the candles smell great, the container is beautiful and simple. We're so excited to keep using these candles and say goodbye to the small mountain of old candle jars we're trying in vain to clean for (hopefully) recycling.

Love it! But definitely smallish refill

I’m actually pretty thrilled with this - the aesthetic, the scents (woodsy ones are my favorite), and the packaging. So good. The refills are small though and I’m timing the burn time and I won’t get 30 hrs. I would strongly recommend that they just beef up the depth of the refill by even a half inch - it would have a huge impact on the sense of value and I’d be happy to commit to buying refills long-term from them. But even with a nice discount for bulk and for a subscription it’s a pretty small refill. But seriously love the concept and the art and the whole thing. I want to buy as gifts for everyone but I think they’d be a little shocked by how much smallish refills are.