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Pleasantly Surprised

I didn’t love the scent upon opening the box but oh my goodness…the smell when it burns is AMAZING. It’s fresh, warm, inviting and I’ve had so many compliments on it. Will definitely be ordering it again! Also it came out of the base so easily and burned pretty evenly

I LOVE this scent!

This scent is literally the greatest thing ever! It not only smells good out of the box, but it makes the entire room smell amazing!

Favorite scent!!

Pumpkin is our absolute favorite scent. Perfectly sets the tone for the start of fall!!

Pumpkin Crumble!

Pumpkin Crumble is my new favorite Arbor Made scent!!! The pumpkin aroma reminds me of crisp fall Michigan weather but also has a warm slight hint of cinnamon! You nailed this fall scent! Way to go Arbor Made!

Pumpkin Crumble
Andrew H.

The smell is nice, but wasn’t very fragrant compared to the other scents. Still a great candle!

Starter Bundle
Sydni A.P.
Well worth it for candle lovers!

I ordered this kit to give these candles a go and I'm very happy with my experience so far! It truly works as advertised. I've always loved candles but was conflicted using them due to the fumes, all the jars I would have to throw away, etc.. I tried humidifiers and scented oils which worked fine, but it wasn't the same as a good ole candle. I'm so glad I found these!

The scents are great, but not overpowering. I just switched to my 2nd one and changing them out was a piece of cake. I will definitely be ordering more refills. If you want a more sustainable way to consume candles, I highly recommend giving this a try!

Did not disappoint!

Did not disappoint!

Complete Refill Pack
So many compliments!

I love being able to create our own box of refills with scents both my husband and I can enjoy! The candle looks good on any table and I regularly receive compliments about how great our home smells when it is lit!

Jar Cleaner
This stuff Does. The. Job.

I'm a bit freaked out at how well this actually works. To be clear: I haven't used it on my reusable base yet. I did use it, though, to clean out a bunch of old glass candle jars in order to give them away. It is a BEAST at removing leftover wax and the singe marks on the inside of the lid. I'm utterly shocked. I followed up with a quick wash with some dish soap and they are looking brand new. I came here to buy some more!

If “summer season” was put into a candle…

If “summer season” could be in a candle, then it would be this candle. This scent is light, refreshing, and reminds me of summer time

Amazing scent

I’m obsessed with this scent. It’s cozy and bold at the same time!

Jar Cleaner
Actually works!

This actually works and makes cleaning my jars so easy!

Refill Pack

Amazing scents and super easy to pop out the old wax and pop a new one in!


Beautiful candle, love the sustainability and refreshing scents!

I’m not the biggest...

I’m not the biggest coconut fan but this was one of the best I’ve ever smelt! It’s not too overpowering yet easily fills the room with a delightful smell!

Perfect size! Super easy...

Perfect size! Super easy to remove old wax and place in new!

Jar Cleaner
Works like a charm!

Works like a charm!

Complete Refill Pack
Wonderfully made candles

Love the candles and I'm looking forward to more scent options in the future!

No clean up!

The wax popped out exactly as advertised! I love having a container that doesn’t require any messy clean up to use again. We are done with glass! Have you considered making the containers in other colors too?

Ease of use and discarding old wax

Ordered this with skepticism about the ease of just "popping" the used candle out...but O M G. easy and amazing. Won't use any others now. Looking forward to many other scents now.

Secret Scent - Cherry Rosé
Can NEVER go wrong

I ordered the secret scent KNOWING no matter what, it couldn't be bad. This past Christmas, I ordered a starter bundle and some scents and all of it was AMAZING. Love the candles, the scents, and look forward to more!!

Excellent way to enjoy...

Excellent way to enjoy candles without the waste! I just finished burning my first Arbor Made candle, and it was SO easy to pop out the thin layer of wax at the bottom and insert a refill. And the scents are very pleasant without being over powering. Highly recommend. :)

Love These Candles!

I got the candle kit with the mellow breeze scent. The candle holder is well made and it’s easy to get the candle wax out once the wick is done. The scent is nice and relaxing and not overpowering or perfumy. Great product and such a great way to reduce waste!

Mellow Breeze
Super Fresh Scent

I get why this has been a staple scent from the start. It's so fresh and clean. Great in the spring/summer, but I also like using it any day I want to put a pep in my step to be productive.

Refill Pack
Great scent, Great product

There are so many good smells but this one is a continual favorite. I feel like it's a good everyday smell, but really hits the spot on a rainy day. Love that the packaging is recyclable and these refills are easy to use.

Refillable Candles

Our refillable candles are designed to replace all the single-use candles that have been piling up in your cupboard for years. The first of it's kind, our Refillable Jar has a patented flexible base that makes it easy for you to simply push up on the bottom and pop out leftover wax! Our custom refills are 100% soy wax candles that are hand poured right here in Michigan and smell amazing.

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